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Blood Pressure Monitor Aneroid

Compact and reliable Sphygmomanometer supplied with adult velcro fabric cuff and precision manometer with clip for fix. Features • Soft Cotton / Nylon cuff • Emulsoid Bladder & Soft emulsoid Bulb • Leather bag easy to carry • Latex-free for safety. • Laser-engraved dial face for accuracy • Certified accurate to +/- 3mmHg.

Blood Pressure Monitor, Mercury, Desk Model

Mercurial Sphygmomanometer is traditional blood pressure measuring instruments with mercury locking facility, Range 0-300 mm Hg packed in lightweight metal case. Features • Easy to read with clear tube • Accurate reading • Emulsoid Bladder & Soft emulsoid Bulb • Mercury lock facility. Technical Specification • Measure Scope: 0-300mHg • Accuracy: 3mmHg • Glass Tube: 3.5 to 4.0mm Accessories • Cotton/Nylon cuff • Latex Bulb and Inflation Valve

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor CH-432 New

POINTS FOR ACCURATE MEASUREMENT Blood pressure varies with posture, the time of day or numerous other factors. It is recommended to measure blood pressure at the same time each day in the same posture. Measurement in sitting posture……. ● Place your arm on a table or similar surface stretching out the portion from the elbow to the hand. ● It is important to have the arm cuff level to your heart. ● Lightly open your hand on the table with plam up and relax your fingers. ● Do not move your body or talk during measurement. Measurement in sitting posture……. Relax yourself not to apply pressure to the arm cuff. ● Lie down your head facing the ceiling. ● Lightly open your hand with palm up and straighten your arm. ● Relax your body, arm and figures. ● Do not move your body or talk during measurement. Specifications Measurement System : Oscillometric method Measurement range : Pressure ;0-280mmHg : Pulse ; 40-180pilse/min Accuracy : Pressure; ± 3mmHg : Pulse; ± 5 % Power Source : AA size X 4 Battery Life : Manganese battery; : Approx. 300 times : Alkaline battery; Approx; 1000 times Rated Voltage : DG6V=3W (= : Direct Current) Outside dimensions : 129mm(W) X 55mm(H) X 119mm(D) Weight : Unit: Approx. 240g(without batteries) : Cuff: Approx. 130g

Blood Pressure Monitor Aneroid 8 inch Desk Model

Specification • Round shape 147mm-diameter dial (3600 direction adjustable) for easy-reading • Special precise mechanism • Cotton cuff with D-ring • 2-tube adult latex bulb • Standard latex bulb • Air-release valve with spring • Standard end valve • Short latex tube with Plastic connector (250mm)

Palm Type Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

* ABS plastic upper case * 60.2mm-diameter dial * Large zinc-alloy handle with black powder-coating * Nylon cuff without D-ring * 1-tube adult size bladder * Flat head latex bulb * Nylon carrying case * Large end valve

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