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M.Sc. Experiments-Michelson-Febry Perot


R-1021 INSIF .
The atomic energy levels, the transitions between these levels, and the associated spectral lines discuss point have implicitly assumed that there are no magnetic fields influencing the atom. If there are magnetic fields present, the atomic levels are split into a larger number of levels and the spectral lines are also split. This splitting as called Zeeman Effect.
It consists following
* A)Constant Deviation Spectrograph cat no. R-1014
* B) A strong Electromagnet having field strength 10 Kilo Gauss at 10 mm gap between its pole. The air gap is variable with two way knob wheel screw adjusting system.
* C) Power Supply for Electro Magnet 0-5 Amps
* D) Digital Gauss meter
* F) Febry-Perot Etalon
* G) Specially designed Neon ,Discharge tube.
* H) High Voltage Power supply for discharge tube.
* E) Wooden stand for holding discharge tube

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